Leisure & Park Narrow Gauge Railways

Robustly designed and manufactured narrow gauge railway locomotives provide a perfect solution for transporting passengers of all ages at leisure and park attractions. With nearly 50 years of experience in this demanding market, Alan Keef Ltd can guide you through all of the important considerations in designing a successful attraction.

We are able to supply equipment for a number of gauges, predominantly diesel powered although other power options include steam, petrol, electric and LPG (liquid petroleum gas).  Whilst we offer a range of 'standard' narrow gauge railway designs, our experienced and creative design team are always pleased to adapt these, or indeed create a new narrow gauge railway design to match any styling or site specific requirements.

Above or below ground

Electric propulsion lends itself particularly to underground applications and we have significant experience in specifying, manufacturing and installing underground narrow gauge railways.

Take a look at the work we've done

Below is a small selection of images of leisure and park narrow gauge railways designed and installed or worked on by Alan Keef Ltd.  Our complete gallery can be viewed by clicking here.