Rebuild & Maintenance

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With our complete maintenance, repair, re-power and upgrade service, we can assist you with ensuring that your narrow gauge railway not only continues to operate reliably, but can also cope with changing requirements.

At Alan Keef Ltd we are highly experienced in helping our customers carry out their routine servicing. But this is only part of the picture. By working with you to understand your requirements, we can help you to realise the full commercial potential of your existing narrow gauge railway stock, whether modern or historic. An initial survey can help to reveal what really needs to be done to maximise the stock you own.

Once a workable solution has been decided, we can undertake all of the necessary work in our well-equipped engineering works before returning and commissioning your stock. In addition we offer training to your staff to ensure they are totally comfortable with how to operate your refurbished narrow gauge railway safely and efficiently.

Essential on-going support for your railway

We're all too well aware of the impact on our customers when something goes wrong. Whatever's happened, we're here to help you get your railway back up and running as quickly as possible. You'll find we're reactive to your needs and will always go the extra distance you need us to.

Wheel re-profiling, new wheel sets and so much more

Investment made in ensuring your stock is reliable pays huge dividends in terms of customer satisfaction and productivity. Our service includes:

  • Inspections and reports on current stock, whether originally supplied by us or not
  • Detailed proposals for improvements
  • Scheduled shutdown maintenance
  • Minor adjustments and maintenance to complete overhaul and rebuild
  • Wheel re-profiling
  • Complete new wheel sets

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A look at some of the railways we've worked with

Here are just a few of the railways we've undertaken maintenance and upgrading work for. Use the link below to see more of the work we do as specialist narrow gauge railway engineers.