Track Laying & Service

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Fundamental to the financial and operational success of any narrow gauge railway is the quality of the track system that the locomotive and carriages run on. Our reputation for high quality trackwork is unrivalled.

We are immensely proud of our reputation, not just for the quality and longevity of our trackwork, but also for our practical, friendly and helpful advice from the outset. We only use our own experienced teams for our installations and have a Site Manager with a hands-on level of experience for surveying through to laying of tracks. Our tried and tested approach ensures that our track is laid correctly for the long-term and it is this approach that makes our work on narrow gauge railway track stand out.

From surveying to laying

Setting out curves at the popular Perrygrove Railway in 2022

We offer a complete range of narrow gauge track services from initial survey and design right through to supply and installation. We can design and create new track layouts, turnouts, turntables and points. Above all, we understand the importance of well-designed and laid track and how it affects every aspect of your operation, from the comfort of your passengers, to wear and tear on the locomotives and carriages running on it.

Our service covers new railways as well as re-alignment and upgrading of existing railways, and all of the on-going maintenance and support you might need. We'll be pleased to advise you on every aspect of your track system.

Track inspections

Track inspections are an inherent part of keeping your railway running efficiently as well as meeting your Health & Safety obligations. We can help and advise you on the frequency of your own routine in-house inspections; carry out periodic inspections and guide you in preparing a maintenance schedule to keep your train running safely.

You'll find our advice is never less than friendly, informative and helpful - we've built our reputation on this approach with our work across the UK and worldwide.

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Getting the right Track system in place FOR YOUR narrow gauge RAILWAY

Below are just some of the narrow gauge railway track system projects that we have been involved with over the last 50 years. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to see even more of our work.